Posted by: bearc0025 | April 9, 2012

ToDo4Today – Virtual Assistant

New features:
Todo via Email: Add emails by sending email!
Launch Action: Launch Call, Email, Text or URL from your todo and as part of the reminder!

Today’s ToDos – create new events (including reminders) and import today’s events from your calendar – sync with iCloud across devices. Feel the satisfaction when you mark each one done – and watch the badge number count down!

You can add titles, notes, set priority and dial in reminders for each event. Keep it simple – tomorrow has enough worries of its own!

ToDo4Today also let’s you edit the calendar items from within the app! Or create a calendar event from a ToDo item in the app.

You can also share ToDo items with other via email. If they have the app, they tap on the link and it imports the item.

Other features coming soon! We’d love to hear your suggestions at

Other features in the app:

* iCloud
As you create and edit ToDos, your list on other devices is updated.

* Calendar
Import today’s events as ToDos into the app. They are created with default priority and reminders based on settings. You can edit the actual calendar event from within the app or create a calendar event based on a ToDo create with in the app.

* Share
Email a ToDo to someone else including text from the ToDo and a link that opens the app and imports the ToDo.

* Action Notes
The notes field detects URLs, phone numbers, addresses and events. So when it’s time to make that call, ToDo4Today can start the call with a simple tap on the phone number!



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  2. […] Todo4Today‘s new Launch Action feature allows you to set an action for the reminder time of the item. […]

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