Posted by: bearc0025 | February 28, 2011

How to Hire an App Developer Primer (part 1) |

How to Hire an App Developer Primer (part 1) |

Here’s the first in a series of posts I hope will analyze the relationship btwn client and developer. I deal w/ a lot of clients varying in size, concept, ideas, etc., etc. – I enjoy the variety and most clients have their concept developed to a different point in a different way.

These aren’t problems at all, but there’s no real set pattern for taking the idea, specifying the details and coming up w/a finite/defined blueprint to bid (otherwise, it pretty much needs to be an hourly project which usually neither side is very happy with).

The developer will want to see some specifications that you have defined for the app in order to give an accurate quote. He/she may offer suggestions on how to improve on your idea or alternate features, but this basic game plan is still needed. Once you and the developer agree on the look of the final product, there is a much better chance that your expectations will be met.



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