Posted by: bearc0025 | September 21, 2010

Able Pear Software: How to get the file extension for a mime type on iOS

I found this post on Able Pear about how to find the file extension for a mime-type (and vice versa which is what I needed to display files in a UIWebview – I needed to set the mime-type only knowing the filename and extension):

So now all I need is a way to turn a mime type into a file extension. Rather than build my own table that maps mime types to extensions, I though there might be a way to get this from iOS. Turns out there is: Uniform Type Identifiers, which are available on both iOS and Mac OS X.

via Able Pear Software: How to get the file extension for a mime type on iOS.



  1. Glad you found our post useful — thanks for mentioning it!

  2. May I share also that you can use FileCure because it takes the frustration out of dealing with mystery documents and confusing file extensions! This unique software will thoroughly analyze your files and make sure you have the necessary software information to handle all your file types. FileCure is compatible with Windows® 7 64-bit and 32-bit operating system, Windows Vista® 64-bit and 32-bit, and Windows® XP 32-bit operating system.

    • The post refers to a solution for iPhone. Is FileCure compatible w/ the iOS SDK?

  3. The ParetoLogic File Extension Lab can help you deal with common file extensions and associated problems. Just do a file extension search of the file extensions list find a file extension
    find the one that you are having trouble with and click on it. The detailed description will explain the format, at times give some background and provide the author and applications commonly associated with obscure and common files extensions. 😉

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